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Heston's Dinner In Space

Heston's Dinner in Space

NASA & Channel 4


Art Direction + Illustration


London College of Communication


Clorama Dorvilias, Wajeeha Abbasi, Matthew Lyall, Lorenzo Davitti,

Anabelle Alias, Tianju Duan


British Astronaut Tim Peake was selected to be a part of Mission Principia to the International Space Station (ISS) by the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2016.

Long before lift-off, the British astronaut challenged Michelin starred chef, Heston Blumenthal, to create dishes to eat during his six-month mission on-board the ISS, which would remind him of home.


Designed a multi-sensory and nostalgic dining experience for the British Astronaut, Tim Peake, for his Mission Principia on board the ISS. It involved package design for the food curated by Michelin starred chef, Heston Blumenthal and elements to support the experience design. 



Tim Peake

British Astronaut

Enjoys outdoors and camping

Is a family man and has two sons

Heston Blumenthal

The Michelin starred chef prepared space food based on Tim's favourite dishes and those which are the most memorable for the British astronaut for his visit to the International Space Station on Mission Principia.

Space Food ESA


Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 1.50.58 PM.png


A fine-dine mat designed to hold the food tin in the plate hole and an iPad in the slit on top. The mat would enable Tim to audio-visually interact with his family and dine together.

A visually engaging mat designed with illustrations from a camp site and family photographs. This mat enables Tim to reminisce the natural outdoors on Earth and enjoy a nostalgic meal.

NASA Sight iPad.jpg
NASA Sight Tray.jpg

An iPod pocket designed at the bottom of the food tin sleeve attached with noise reducing ear phones. This would enable Tim to enjoy ambient sounds from nature or some of his favourite music while relishing the food.

Natural scents infused bubble wrap attached to the sleeve of the food tin, emanating smells when burst. The smell is the strongest link to memory, so it could induce nostalgia while eating. This idea is subject to ISS regulations.

NASA Sound.jpg
NASA Smell.jpg

Special sleeves designed for the food tins based on the recipes prepared by Heston. Thereby generating an emotion of familiarity and inducing haptic sensations while enjoying the meals.

~ Apple Crumble

Brittle and rough-textured sleeve

~ Sandwich

Bun-like textured sleeve with

little paper sesame seeds on top

NASA Touch Apple Crumble.jpg
NASA Touch Sandwich.jpg
NASA Touch Key Lime Pie.jpg

~ Key Lime Pie

Canapé-textured sleeve

A candle light gourmet dinner date visualisation for Tim, with his wife, from the International Space Station.

It includes a British bow tie ensemble created using a printed t-shirt or a fabric stick-on along with augmented reality candles floating in the background. The idea hopes to engage them in a delightful and unique experience.

NASA Wife iPad.jpg

Experimentation and Production


On Air

"One small bite,
one giant leap
into nostalgia!"

Team Heston.jpg

As Studio Policy, we do not advocate the consumption of meat or any kind of non-vegetarian products. We are strictly against promotion of any and all kinds of cruelty towards other living beings. This project also limits our participation to designing the packaging and experience only for items free from cruelty.

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