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Ruglas Order in Chaos


Ruglas Media

Brand Identity Design


Ruglas Media is a boutique digital marketing agency specialising in organic channels in an industry run by paid alternatives. Using a tech-enabled, data-driven approach, they provide meaningful insights, develop custom innovative solutions and provide impactful results to their clients.


We developed the brand identity based on the notion of 'unlocking' potential. Inspired by strategy games and puzzles, the joy of a problem well solved is visualised through design. The fresh colours with structured layouts communicate the brand values – experimental, creative and youthful.

Digital Landscape

In today's hyperconnected world, businesses have countless marketing options. Digital marketing, with its wide reach, improved targeting, and cost-effectiveness, is indispensable. However, many business owners and marketers remain confused about how to navigate it effectively.

Digital Chaos

Reasons behind the digital chaos:

• Rapid transformation of the digital platforms
• Information overload and overwhelming jargon
• Lack of clear strategy amidst countless options
• Measuring ROI and understanding analytics

Due to this chaos businesses and marketers were using generic trends and methods but failing to create meaningful connections with their consumers.



These insights clearly indicated the needs of businesses in the digital landscape.

The need for – a problem solver, a confusion eradicator, a potential unleasher!

They gave new meaning and fresh perspective to the brand philosophy 'Order in Chaos'.


"To bring order in the digital chaos for businesses and unlock their potential to build authentic connections with their customers."

Brand Philosophy

Brand Values


Open and clear communication with all stakeholders about the scope and possibilities in any project.

Trustworthy and responsible, the brand is committed to bring results with the most optimal solutions.

Determined to achieve defined goals and pursue higher standards with passion and endurance.

Attempts to solve client’s problems with new and original ideas. It believes in creativity and experimenting.

With a curious and flexible approach, the brand takes pride in a young, active and self-motivated team.

The brand exhibits a cordial and friendly outlook. It aims to maintain an ever-warm and welcoming attitude.

Brand Identity

We designed the world of Ruglas inspired by strategy games and puzzles. The identity was rooted in the idea of 'unlocking' treasures with accurate solutions and bringing 'order' in a chaotic digital enigma.


Brand Logo

The Ruglas logo, inspired by a number lock puzzle, symbolises finding the optimal solution among many combinations. It represents 'unlocking potential' in a playful and experimental way.


Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Tertiary Logos

Ruglas Final Logo RGB-04.png
Ruglas Final Logo RGB-03.png
Ruglas Final Logo RGB-05.png

Brand Typography

Ruglas logo mark and headlines are set in Big Noodle Titling. It is a linear, clean, proportionate typeface that represents a good combination between the digital and analog. Ruglas body text is set in Poppins, a geometric, mono linear, sans serif typeface. It compliments the headline font and is available in multiple Indian languages.


Brand Colours

Primary brand colours are inspired by the digital display screen Red, Green and Blue (RGB). The secondary colours include the analog printing process colours of CMYK. However, the colour palette is diffused to represent a combination of the digital and analog worlds.


Brand Stationery

Ruglas_Final Business Card + Letterhead_Printed.png
Ruglas_Business Crads.png

Brand Grid System

The Ruglas grid system is derived from the blocks of the secondary logo. The 6 blocks have been set vertically and horizontally varied layouts and are expanded or reduced proportionately to create grids. They are halved only lengthwise to set spacing and match alignments.

Ruglas Brand Grid.jpg

Brand Iconography

The icons, inspired from the brand values, have a creative and youthful approach. Set in the primary brand colours with the exception of grey, they are geometric with a balance of outlines and colour fill.


Brand Emailers

A set of 6 in-house emailers designed for various occasions.

Ruglas Emailers.jpg

"Working withSaachi and team has been an effortless experience. Her creativity has helped nail the exact vision we had for our brand with minimum iterations. Not only are they very creative, but they also bring professionalism and adherence to timelines which is a rare find in the industry! We wish them all the success and look forward to our paths crossing again."




Ruglas Media Pvt. Ltd.

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