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Arohaa Diamond Jewelry


Brand Design


Arohaa is a timeless and niche diamond jewellery brand, designing for and catering to the cosmopolitan woman.


Designed a bespoke type-based identity that is assertive in form and feminine in colour. The focus of the identity is on the initial 'A' of the brand name, holding the diamond and conveying the boldness and beauty of the alpha woman of today.  

Research and Ideation

Arohaa Moodboard.jpg

Arohaa means love and compassion.

Each of our pieces is designed and crafted with immense care and passion. Our aim is to provide personalised timeless jewelry that gives our clients a sense of belongingness so the design and charm of our pieces remain forever.

We are not only into high-end jewelry but want to target the working class who dream of owning a piece of timeless beauty being diamonds.



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005 Lady+Shopping Bag Arohaa.jpg
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